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Give more options to your project leaders by deploying your own digital platform available 24/7.

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One plateform, three functions: guide, train and connect

A 100% digitale solution

  • Digitalize your support

  • Collect data on the dynamism of your ecosystem

  • Become a business provider for your experts

  • Facilitate connections and the monitoring and securing of routes

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Embark your entrepreneurs on a digital journey in 4 steps

Help them secure their concepts and assess their markets

Projects arise from the creativity of entrepreneurs. The sooner the integrate legal reflexes, the better their businesses, will be structured.
Invite them to refine their knowledge of the markets they want to relying on solid tools and expertise, last but not least, support them in writing the business plan supported by expert professionals.

Offer support on the legal side

Via the platform, introduce your entrepreneurs to expert lawyers or accountants to analyze their situation and draft reassuring and appropriate articles of association and/or shareholder agreements.
Simplify their administrative management by delegating it to experts.

Solutions to sell online or in person

Whatever the sector of activity of your entrepreneurs, equip them with the best services to build their sales channels. Those who need a physical location can find an expert to find their ideal location and point-of-sale architects for the designer. Others may prefer an online store and must be able to have a powerful and secure tool. Simplify their administrative management by delegating it to experts.

Beyond creation, provide resources for day- to-day management

Once the activity is launched, the entrepreneur needs more than ever to delegate certain tasks to experienced operational professionals. Financial and accounting management, commercial, legal, logistics, image professions to make their brand visible, so many essentials services to develop.

One platform, three functions: guide, train and connect






Our on-Board expertise

The platform created by entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs

Qwampus is a pedagogical-operational solution that allows access to educational ressources as well as good professional services. It is also a project management tool that facilitates the structuring and development of each idea.

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