Pedagogical support

To modernize and strengthen your support for
aspiring entrepreneurs, it's essential to have engaging and operable teaching resources.
Teaching content
Our experience in autorat with schools enables us to design commitment and training materials to help your learners develop their skills as project leaders.
The mindset of your project leaders is crucial to success in the entrepreneurial process. We have experience in organizing both inspirational and operational conferences.
Educational events
Whether it's a Hackathon, a Challenge, a Business Game or a learning experience, we can put our experience to work for you in organizing events that will act as a catalyst to boost your aspiring entrepreneurs.

We help you meet the challenge of including your members in the business world.

Entrepreneurship is a science of action that requires the acquisition of business skills.
Nurturing business intelligence
Building financial intelligence
Developing relational intelligence

A few figures on our experience in terms of support and pedagogy

Our experience in business schools, engineering schools and/or management schools ensures that we are as close as possible to the needs and expectations of new entrepreneurs.
partner schools since 2020
students trained
accompanied students
course creation
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