The incubation Management System (IMS)

Technology that supports and covers the needs of those involved in supporting entrepreneurship.Qwampus optimizes and structures your processes digitally with its Incubation Management System (IMS) software solution. This technology facilitates the management of your support programs and centralizes all data in a single space.
A digital creative path that can be tailored to your needs
Create and modulate the creation path according to the needs of your learners, while offering them a way to instantly simulate the progress, cost and execution time of their projects
Pedagogical resources required for action (e-learning)
Enrich your course with teaching resources and reinforce the theoretical foundations essential to your learners' transition to action.
A marketplace of personalized professional services
Onboard your professional partners and help your learners quickly identify the reliable resources they need to complete their project.

Stay in control of your support activities

Centralize exchanges with your stakeholders in a common space
Recreate and digitalize your ecosystem within a solution accessible 24/7 by your learners
If you wish, you can monetize your referrals and bring your support to life.
Benefit from direct access and stay in touch with your community of entrepreneurs
Guidance for project leaders through a modular digital pathway
E-learning courses integrated into the creative process to structure the action
Connecting project leaders to a reliable entrepreneurial ecosystem
Centralization of exchanges with employees
Materializing and animating the community through an exchange space

A platform adaptable to the needs of organizations

The solution can be adapted to the specific needs of organizations, thanks to a tailor-made development offer. We assess harmonization possibilities and integrate development in agile mode to best meet your needs.
Recovering customer needs
Assessment of harmonization possibilities
Validation of requests and preparation of roadmap
Development in AGILE mode
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