We want to be
partner of choice
 for those involved in
 business start-ups

Our story

Qwampus emerged from technological innovation, inspired by the uses of a. The initiative took shape in response to the lack of a fully digital, automated solution specifically designed to support incubators, schools, associations and local authorities in their mission to help start-up businesses.

 The design of Qwampus was fueled by fruitful exchanges with various players in the entrepreneurial, trade and craft sectors. The fundamental idea behind this platform is to simplify and modernize the entrepreneurial support process, offering a solution accessible to a wide audience.

 Qwampus represents an innovative tool for digitizing the entire business start-up support process, offering an optimal and efficient experience for all those involved.

Our end game

We have a passion for entrepreneurs and a burning desireto simplify the path for all those who aspire to generate value from tjeir expertise, talent and ideas.
In our quest to make entrepreneurship accessible to as many people as possible, our dedication is focused on strengthening supporting structures
working in the field on a day-to-day basis.
Facilitating the entrepreneurial journey
Maximize your chances of success
Supporting their development

Our values


We believe in universal accessibility to entrepreneurship. Qwampus works to break down traditional barriers by making our tools intuitive, user-friendly and suitable for a wide range of entrepreneurs, promoting inclusion and equal opportunity.


Qwampus embraces innovation as a cornerstone, constantly stimulating the evolution of innovative technological solutions to meet the changing needs of the entrepreneurial world. The constant search for new approaches and cutting-edge features defines our commitment to excellence.


Our commitment to entrepreneurs' success guides everything we do. Qwampus is determined to provide quality support, maximize the chances of success and make a significant contribution to the sustainable growth of the businesses supported by our support structures. We are passionately committed to this mission.


Collaboration is at the heart of our values. Qwampus encourages the exchange of ideas, cooperation between players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the creation of an environment where synergies thrive. We believe that collaboration builds resilience and stimulates innovation.

Qualified leaders at your service

Chrystèle Sanon
Founder & CEO
Luis Murillo
Content manager
José Miguel OJEDA
Lead Developer
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